Does CyberTested do authenticated web-app scanning?

No, at the moment we don't do authenticated web-app scanning.

What IPs do I need to whitelist?

Find the source IPs for whitelisting our scans in intrusion prevention systems, web application firewalls, and cloud providers.

How do I whitelist CyberTested in Cloudflare?

Whitelisting in Cloudflare isn't totally straightforward. Here's how to get around their restrictions on IP Access Rules.

Will CyberTested scans damage my systems?

No, CyberTested use security checks without damgigng our causing downtime to your system.

Steps to ensure high security standards

How it works

Find weaknesses in your most exposed systems and satisfy compliance needs. Choose the right cyber security solution.

Add your assets

Our solution will scan your website 24/7 and generate security and compliance reports to identify cyber threats.

Download the security report

Lhe penetration report and test will be performed in accordance with the OWASP penetration guidelines.

Security Remediation

The vulnerability remediation process is a workflow that fixes or neutralizes detected weaknesses.